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Structured Cabling Systems
A 'structured cabling system' is the backbone for your home offering video, data and voice distribution networks.


By using the most advanced cables on the market, Alliance will design a cabling system for you that has the flexibility to adapt to your changing lifestyle and will keep pace with today's society. These cables will form the lanes of your information super-highway.

Alliance use only the highest quality cables available. so that you can connect to all of the latest technologies, such as Digital TV, broadband Internet access, digital telephone systems and video telephones, whilst allowing for the obvious advancement that these fields will undergo.

Many companies are now beginning to promote the concept of 'smart wiring'. This is a practice that Alliance embraced many years ago as we have always recognised the need to be able to adapt from the present to the future. We continue to install cabling above and beyond the requirements of today, which gives you flexibility whilst connecting you to the newest technologies available. For example: a structured cabling system allows you to change your usage of a phone point to a computer point without the need for re-wiring the outlet or messy wall cuts. A "STRUCTURED CABLING SYSTEM" is the most effective way of future proofing you home.

System Pre-wiring

Alliance's licensed technicians will install the following high quality digital-ready cables to your home. RG-6 Quad-shield coaxial cables for all television reticulation systems. Cat 5, Cat 6 & UTP cables for telephones, faxes, data networks and modem outlets. Provision will be made for the lead-in cabling from Telstra to protect the aesthetics of your home.

System Fitoff

Alliance's licensed technicians will terminate all cabling into your choice of Clipsal wall plates. Television points will be terminated into digital ready F connectors and all Cat 5, Cat 6 & UTP cabling terminates into RJ45 sockets for ease of use. The cabling of your house terminates into a distribution centre located in a convenient, yet discreet spot (cupboard or garage). A Clipsal Starserve Controller is recommended as the 'nerve centre" of your cabling system.


Cat Cable





Patch Cord






Star Serve Pro