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Valet Security

A smarter way to stay safe.

Valet Security Systems are reliable, flexible and user friendly; there is simply no better protection. It provides 24 hour protection for you and your family, using advanced intruder detection technology.

A variety of devices are available, they include:

  • Sophisticated sensors
  • Glass break detectors
  • Wireless transmitters
  • Door contacts

Alliance can tailor a network to suit you and your home.

Valet Security

Discreet, Diligent, Dependable

A Valet System is unobtrusive, from the slimline keypad to the discreet infra-red motion detectors mounted in the corner of each room. However it maintains constant protection over every corner of your home.

Programmed to Suit your Needs

The system can be set up to match your needs. Your home can have designated zones which means you can set different modes for each. For example you can protect downstairs while you sleep upstairs.

Your Valet System can also be connected to a phone line for 24 hour monitoring service, for total peace of mind. It can be set to detect smoke, glass breaking or fire. Your entry and exit delay times, user codes and bypass zones can be changed by a touch of a few buttons.

Valet Control Panel Features

  • 8 fully programmable zones
  • 1 additional 24 hour input
  • Area partionable with over lapping zones
  • Onboard vibration analyser
  • Radio interface supporting up to 8 separate devices and up to 14 pendants
  • Supports up to 5 remote keypads
  • 15 user codes
  • 2 programmable auxiliary outputs
  • Contact ID and domestic dial formats
  • 30 event memory from keypad
  • Resettable fuses
  • Secure DTMF remote arming/disarming capabilities

Valet Video Intercom

Being able to safely see outside your home from behind closed doors is one of the best ways to maximise the safety of your family. With Valet Video Intercom System it is easy to do.

Some of the many features include:

  • Discreet video cameras let you know exactly who is at the door
  • Determine the business of unfamiliar callers before allowing entry
  • Record who's called while you were out.

Let family and friends into the house without interrupting what you are doing.

Communicate with people in other parts of the house.

Valet Security Intercom

Flexible Camera set-up to Suit your Home

The tiny wall mounted camera unit transmits crystal clear sound and images. The built in infra-red LED's will allow you to clearly check a caller's identity in near darkness if you need to.

Much more than just an Intercom

Valet Video Intercom Systems are well known for their versatility, any combination of up to four monitor or audio handsets can be linked together. Therefore you can use the system to communicate with others throughout your home.

Valet Door Phone

A smarter way to stay in touch.

This is one of the newest additions to the Valet product range, giving you a higher level of control and safety throughout your home. It allows you to monitor and identify any caller to your home.

It is easy to operate, the caller presses a button on the slimline handset which then chimes to let you know there is a caller. You can then lift the handset and establish who is calling and then even open the door from your location.

The unit has a range of up to 100 metres which means you can install it in any room of your house. The system also enables you to link handsets within the house for internal communication.