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Valet Vacuums

A smarter way to clean!

Valet Central Vacuum Systems are quiet and powerful and make cleaning your home easier than you could ever believe. The benefits of the Valet Central Vacuum System seem endless...


Valet Vacuum

A Cleaner Home & Cleaner Air

Unlike a conventional vacuum cleaner the vacuum system is hidden outside of the home, which means your Valet Vacuum can be made more powerful than a regular vacuum. Suction is four times of a regular machine giving your carpets a deeper clean. Also because of the fact that the motor and exhaust vents are outside of your home this means the dust particles are permanently removed from your home.

Simply Plug In & Go

The Valet Ducted Vacuum System allows you to plug in the vacuum hose at convenient points around your home, without lugging around a heavy vacuum cleaner with you. The system is whisper quiet, which means you can vacuum while someone is watching TV or on the telephone.

Powerful, Reliable & Built to Last

The revolutionary electric power brush removes dirt from deep within the carpet. Valet Systems have been refined over years of research and development, and they are fully guaranteed.

There are several models of the Valet Vacuum System available, which means Alliance can install the best model to suit your home and lifestyle.

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